TSCM Bug Sweeps

In today’s world, the threat of electronic eavesdropping is ever-present.
Our bug sweep services utilize state-of-the-art technology to detect and neutralize unauthorized surveillance devices.
Whether it’s protecting sensitive information or ensuring personal privacy, we provide thorough and reliable counter-surveillance measures.

Understanding Surveillance Detection

Who Uses TSCM?

  • Federal & Local Government: To protect national security and sensitive information.
  • Law Enforcement: To safeguard against criminal activities and unauthorized surveillance.
  • Military: To secure classified information and operations.
  • Corporate Security: To protect trade secrets, marketing strategies, and new product developments.
  • Dignitary Protection: To ensure the safety and privacy of VIPs.
  • Private Investigators: To uncover unauthorized surveillance and gather evidence.
  • What is Being Protected?

    • National Security: Preventing espionage and safeguarding classified information.
    • Secrets: Protecting confidential information from unauthorized access.
    • Marketing Strategies: Securing proprietary business plans and strategies.
    • VIP Protection: Ensuring the privacy and safety of high-profile individuals.
    • New Product Developments: Protecting innovative ideas from competitors.
    • Financial Information: Safeguarding sensitive financial data.
    • Sensitive Political Information: Preventing unauthorized access to political strategies.
    • Labor Union Disputes: Protecting confidential negotiations and plans.
    • Campaign Strategies: Securing political campaign plans from opponents.
    • Trade Secrets: Protecting proprietary business information.
    • Negotiating Strategies: Ensuring the confidentiality of strategic business negotiations.
    • Reorganization Plans: Safeguarding internal business plans.
    • Legal Battles: Protecting sensitive legal information from adversaries.
    • Foreign Industrial Spies: Preventing industrial espionage from foreign entities.