An investigator is a seeker of facts.

*   Board Certified Criminal Investigator  

*   Board Certified Workplace Violence & Threat Specialist

We Help Limit Liability, Assist with Procedures​, Define Scope and Purpose, Document Evidence, and Protect Confidentiality.

Every Legal business has Legal Imperatives.

Every civilian can be sued or arrested.

The investigation must be appropriate  

We do customized analysis and planning for every situation without our expertise.
A good investigator can mitigate incidents with with discovering facts, conducting COMPLIANCE AUDITS, and securing documentation.

A third party can be used in business as an unbiased outsider or part of an overall investigation.

Investigations can include:
  • Civil Personal Injury/Insurance Claim
  • Civil/Criminal Use of Force/Self-Defense
  • Undercover / Secret Shopper investigations
  • Workplace Misconduct / Threats & Violence
  • Insurance (WC, Property, Liability) Investigation
  • Surveillance Detection (physical / Technical)​​​
  • Counter-Surveillance
  • Background Investigations
  • Witness interviews
  • Record retrieval
  • Trial Monitoring
  • Bilingual
  • & More…
Services are provided as a Third-Party

Our comprehensive professional services cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to commercial entities: specialties assist those with Hostile Divorces, Domestic Violence, AND Disgruntled Co-workers / Neighbors.