CCW Training

Master responsible firearm handling with our comprehensive training programs.

CCW Training

This is 2-day class, that includes live fire. Presented by NRA Certified CCW Instructor in a comprehensive course for semi-automatic self-defense pistol. Upon completion of the course, you receive a certificate that meets the Colorado CCW permit requirements. This course focuses on the fundamentals with a safety-first approach. It is hands-on, interactive, and demonstrative rather than lecture-style. You do not need to own any firearms or have previous experience; We cover CCW education, tactics and legal considerations. It's a full day of training, not a seminar. 

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Disclaimer: This section does not constitute legal advice. Seek a licensed legal representative for any clarification or legal questions.

Unexpected emergencies can occur at any time. Understanding common threats and learning from past events can help you prepare for future situations. Self-defense is about controlling your narrative and practicing avoidance, prevention, detection, and countermeasures.

Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) & Safe Gun Handling

CCW Permit
  • Legal for good, sane, sober, moral, and prudent persons over 21.
  • Open carry is legal in Colorado except in Denver, but CCW is the preferred way.

Prohibited Weapons under Colorado's CCW Law (18-12-105 C.R.S.)
Felony Possession under 18-12-102 C.R.S.
Permit Criteria (CRS 18-12-203)

Carrying a CCW isn't about politics; it's about being prepared, trained, and educated on what it takes to save your life or that of those around you. As Americans, we have a right, not a privilege, to be responsible for our own protection.

Get trained! If you have taken training more than six months ago, it's time to upgrade and practice. These are diminishing skills.

Training includes
  • Safe Gun Handling and Movement
  • Firearm Safety
  • Pistol Nomenclature and Selecting a Pistol for Self-Defense
  • Ammunition Knowledge for defense
  • Basic Defensive Pistol Skills
  • Carry Modes and Pistol Concealment
  • Drawing from Concealment
  • Loading and Stoppage Remediation
  • Mindset, Responding to an Attack and the Aftermath
  • Legal considerations

Master Self-Defense & Responsible Gun Ownership

Prepare for any situation with our comprehensive NRA training. Learn to handle firearms safely, make informed decisions, and protect yourself and others.

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