Protective Intelligence

Are you at risk of harm? Is someone stalking you, harrassing, threating you?

Learn about Protective Intelligence (PI)

A valuable tool to identify, counter, and ultimately prevent adverse or unauthorized actors from enacting an attack using Surveillance and Social Engineering.

PI training equips you with practical skills, teaching you how to create safety protocols, conduct a "bug sweep" with no expensive equipment, identify surveillance and when someone is following you, and properly investigate and document evidence.

Training designed for civilians, families, and those in high-risk jobs.

This training is ideal for victims of domestic violence, stalking, harassment, divorce, disgruntled neighbors, and co-workers.

Who Benefits from Protective Intelligence

Residential / Domestic Settings
  • Familial relations, such as; failed marriages and child custody disputes.
  • A break-in to a  home could give a thief access to damaging information and be a safety risk.
Corporate / Business Settings
  • Businesses are targets, particularly when they accumulate significant wealth.
  • High-value job titles or wealthy families associated with a corporation.

Examples of Threats

  • Phishing: Malicious emails designed to extract information such as usernames, passwords, or bank details.
  • Impersonation: Pre texting as service repair personnel or IT phone support to gain access to sensitive information.
  • Baiting: Leaving USB drives around a company's premises to tempt employees into using them, potentially compromising security
  • Surveillance: A thief, competitor, insurance company, lawsuits
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